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Cylinders - Including Mul-T-Lock and Medeco High Security

Cylinders - Including Mul-T-Lock and Medeco High Security

American Locksmith offers a growing range of high security locks and cylinders.

We are an authorized dealer of Mul-T-Lock high security locks and cylinders. Do you feel that your keys are easily duplicated? Can someone pick or manipulate your key cylinder in seconds, leaving no trace of damage? More than 98% of businesses and households fall into this category.

The Mul-T-Lock key system is one of the best solutions.  At the heart of the system lies the unique Mul-T-Lock High Security Cylinder with its telescopic pin tumbler mechanism. The cylinder is pick, drill, and bump resistant combining security with convenience.

Mul-T-Lock also offers a wide range of high security cylinders and padlocks.

Extra keys are made only for the owner of the key system after verification their signature against a signature card on file.

The Mul-T-Lock system comes standard with our Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks.  You can also upgrade may existing locks to Mul-T-Lock keying by using Mul-t-Lock replacement cylinders giving you superior protection.

Mul-T-Lock also offers a wide range of padlocks and for the ultimate padlock protection, MUL-T-LOCK unique hasps can be welded or bolted to steel gates and doors totally enclosing the padlock.

Advantages of choosing the Mul-T-Lock High security locks and cylinders.

- Very wide range of cylinders and padlocks.
- No unauthorized duplication of keys.
- Over 100,000 key combinations
- Pick and Bump resistant telescopic pins.
- Hardened steel pin inserts for drill resistance.
- Shackle protectors or hasps increase security of padlocks.
- Cylinders and padlocks can be integrated into a keyed alike system.
- Multi-level master key systems.
- Cylinders have a long life
- The extra strong reversible key is easy to use.

Mul-T-Lock Keying Options

Dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs, Mul-T-Lock offers many convenient keying options.

These options range from traditional to innovative and are designed to offer convenience, control and peace of mind.

Keyed Different

This keying option simply means that each product in a system is operated by only its own individual keys.

Three different locks, for example, could each be opened by only by 3 separate specific keys

Mul-t-Lock: Highest Security Locks and Keys

- This is our favorite high-security lock
- The strongest security and materials
- Bump and drill resistant
- Have three levels of security built into the key
- Keys can only be duplicated when a key card is presented, ensuring no unauthorized duplication. When you get the key back, you know no one made a copy.
- Contains a retaining bearing preventing the lock from separating from the door frame. No other high security lock offers this feature. It’s unique to Mul-t-lock and why we use it. Check it out on Amazon.
- Lifetime finish warranty with limited lifetime mechanical warranty.
- In addition to high security door locks, Mul-t-lock, Assa, and Medeco also provide high security pad locks and high security gate locks.